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The Sailors Quick-Start Guide
to SSB Installation and Operation


How to Install & Operate
Your Icom M802, M710, M700Pro SSB

What You Need to Know to Make Your SSB Work

That's what The Quick-Start Guide to SSB Radio Installation and Operation is all about. Whether you need help figuring out how to use your SSB, or you're planning on doing your own installation, The Sailors Quick-Start Guide to SSB Radio Installation & Operation has the information you need. Forty pages of focused, actionable information give you the tools you need to make it work.

No obfuscation - Just clear information

$17.95* +  Shipping**


Icom Marine SSB Radio Accessories & Components
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Icom AT-140


Companion Antenna Tuner
Icom M802

The companion Antenna Tuner for the Icom M802 SSB, the AT-140 matches your backstay, 23-foot or 17-foot vertical antenna to your M802. Two cables are required to connect your AT-140 to your M802; a coaxial cable to carry the radio signals to/from your antenna, and the OPC-II47/N tuner control cable to supply 13.8VDC, DC ground, and tuning status signals.

Shipping, Handling, & Insurance**

M802 / AT-140 Antenna Tuner Control Cable

OPC-1147N Designed to connect the M802 to the AT-140 Antenna Tuner, the 10 Meter (30+ feet) OPC-1147/N Shielded Control Cable supplies +/- 13.8VDC power and control signals between the M802 SSB and AT-140 antenna tuner. With preinstalled connectors on both ends, the OPC-1147 easily plugs into matching connectors on the M802 and AT-140. $77.99* + Shipping**

M802 Flush-mount kit


2 Kits may be required:
One kit for M802 Control Head & a second kit for the SP-24 Speaker

Give your M802 SSB radio a neat professional look by flush mounting the control head and speaker using the MB-75 mounting kit. Simply insert your control head or speaker into an appropriately sized hole, and from the backside attach the left and right clamping brackets and adjust the jack-screw. One kit (two brackets) required for each mountable device.
$31.95* + Shipping**

Genuine FairRite Type 31
RF choke

7212 An XL (1/2" diameter center) genuine FairRite Type-31 snap-on RF choke.  Use to help stop shipboard wiring from acting like an antenna, picking up RF from your SSB. 
$8.00* ea* + Shipping**

Icom M700Pro/M710

IC-EM-101   Special Order



Icom M802

IC-HM-135   Special Order



SSB Radio  Accessory Kits

Super Battery Booster

Battery voltage can fluctuate  between 11 and 14 vdc. The Battery Booster supplies your M802 with the  13.6 VDC  it needs
as your batter
y voltage drops



Your SSB must be supplied the proper  DC voltage if it's to perform correctly. Mounted inline between  your SSB's main unit and the vessel's batteries, the Battery Voltage Booster compensates for both the normal voltage drop  throughout your battery's discharge cycle, and wiring losses.

Super Battery Booster

M802 RFI Kit

Now with Superior RF Choking

Kit configuration designed to connect to Icom M802 with AT-140 tuner

RFIK-8 The M802 RFI kit is the first step in the process of reducing/eliminating ship-board Radio Frequency Interference caused by "Common-mode" signals from your SSB radio transmissions. The M802 RFI Kit consists of two genuine FairRite XLType-31 snap-on RF chokes (for installation on the OPC-1147N Antenna Tuner control cable), one Line Isolator (installs inline with the coax cable), a PL-258 double male UHF Coax Connector, and instructions.

Note: RFI Kits contain components required in a properly designed SSB radio system. Adding them to an existing installation should help reduce interference to other ship-board electronics caused by your SSB. They are NOT, however, a substitute for proper SSB system design. Neither are they a remedy for poorly functioning antenna and RF ground systems.

$99.95 + Shipping & Insurance

GPS Data Cable Kit

Only from DockSide Radio


The GPS-802 Data Cable solves the problem of getting GPS data into your M802. Simply cut the 12-foot cable to the length you need,  connect the cable's center conductor to the GPS data out, the shield to GPS signal ground, snap-on the FairRite and you're "good-to-go".

The GPSK-802 consists of twelve feet of RG-174 mini-coax with a factory-installed BNC connector that fits your M802 on one end, & bare wire for connecting to the GPS on  other end, one snap-on Type-31 FairRite, & an instruction sheet.

$24.95* + Shipping & Insurance**

M802 DSC Antenna Kit


Digital Selective Calling is discussed in detail on pages 15-42 of the M802 Instruction Manual.

DSCK-802 calls?
What's connected to your DSC antenna connector? If you have an unused coaxial antenna connector on the back of your M802 the answer is nothing.  

The Icom M802 is actually two separate receivers inside one box; the regular SSB receiver for standard SSB communications, and a dedicated Digital Selective Calling (DSC) receiver. It is this second DSC receiver that continuously listens for DSC calls addressed to your MMSI number (the number you've programmed into your M802). If you don't have an FCC-issued MMSI number already, DockSide Radio can file for one on your behalf - see FCC Licenses on this web site, or call 941.661.4498.

Kit contents:
  1. METZ WEFAX/DSC antenna with mounting angle bracket. (Mounts similar to VHF whip).
  2. 30-feet  RG8x coaxial cable with soldered PL259 connectors on each end.

$139.95* + Shipping & Insurance**



Audio Digital Signal Processor

ADSP MKII BHI ANEM MKII noise suppressing DSP (Digital Signal Processing) filter with 2.5 watt amplifier, and interconnecting cables.

Click here for detailed product description, specifications, and manual

$179.95* + Shipping & Insurance**

M802 Control Head Separation Extension Kit


When the standard fifteen-foot separation cable supplied with the M802 just isn't long enough, the M802 Control Cable Separation Extension Kit solves your problem:

  •  Kit adds an additional fifteen-feet of control head separation cable.

  •  Special adaptor connects to the standard separation cable that came with the M802.

$65.95* + Shipping & Insurance**

???? Questions, Problem's, Issues ????
Didn't buy your SSB from DockSide Radio?
Fee-based technical support is available:
One(1) hour minimum charge
Billed in 15-min. increments after the first hour
Call DockSide Radio 941.661.4498


Icom M802 set-mode B menu / selectable on/off speech compression

Speech compression makes it easier for receiving stations to hear you.

  •  Increase your average transmit power - See more Power Bars on your M802.

  •  Increasing the volume of a voice's low-energy components. Receiving stations hear you louder.

M802 - Expanded Transmit


(HAM, CAP, MARS) Transmit Enabled*

2018 frequency database

 Switchable Speech Compression (Set-Mode B)
(increases average transmit power)


Unprocessed Voice

Punch through the noise with
increased average transmit power
Get your signal through

Speech Compression OFF - ON

Processed Voice

M802 Compression ON/OFF Screen


Why it's important to turn speech compression on/off

For the same reason there are light switches -  Sometimes you may want to switch compression off:

  • Reduce  battery drain: Speech compression works. It  increases the M802's average  transmit power output. Higher output power draws more current from the batteries.

  • Reduce heat generation: Higher current consumption means the SSB is working harder. More work generates more heat.

  • Noisy environment:

- Icom M802 SSB Radio Kit -

Radio Model(s) / Kit Name Kit Contents & Description Pricing & Ordering
Note: Shipping, Handling, Insurance charges are for
 US domestic shipping only.

Radio Kit









 Customized Frequencies:

  • Updated Ham & Marine Net Frequencies

  • Voice & Weather FAX Frequencies

  • Set Mode 'B' Speech Compression switchable ON/OFF

You supply the boat, antenna, and RF ground - Let DSR's IC-M802k SSB kit do the rest. The Icom M802 comes ready to use on both Marine SSB and Ham/amateur Radio frequencies. The M802's flexible three-piece design makes it easy to install: mount the separate control head & speaker at your nav/helm station where space is scarce, and squirrel-away the main radio unit in a more seldom used locker or cubby hole up to 15-feet (5Meters) away. Both the control head and speaker have a generously wide bezel, making the professional look of an in-panel flush-mount installation a snap, even for skippers who aren't expert wood workers (requires MB-75 flush Mount Kit - must be ordered separately).

The IC-M802k contains:

  1. Icom M802 SSB Radio with:
    1. Transmit on Ham & Marine Frequencies - Enabled
    2. Custom Ham & Marine Net Frequencies - Current as of 2018
    3. Dial and Channelized tuning methods  - Enabled
    4. Set Mode 'B"/Speech Compression ON/OFF - Enabled
  2. AT-140 Antenna Tuner
  3. OPC-1147N tuner control cable (10M - 30+Feet).
  4. GPS data cable (12') w/BNC connector & FairRite (DSR exclusive).
  5. RG-8 low-loss double-shielded coaxial cable with soldered connectors installed on both ends(10', 15', 20', 25', or 33'/10M)1
  6. GTO-15 - 20-feet antenna lead-in wire.
  7. The "G-TŌ Bug", GTO-15 to Backstay connector. (DSR exclusive)
  8. Copper RF grounding foil (10', heavy-duty .012 thick. Min width 2.75, Max 3-inch Wide - Won't dissolve in your bilge).
  9. BD-1115 "common mode" RF Choking Balun.
  10. Double-male coaxial connector.
  11. RF chokes - FairRites (two XL type-31 snap-on ).
  12. The Sailors Quick-Start Guide to SSB Radio Installation & Operation
    (DSR exclusive).
  13. 1-hour professional technical support included.2

1 Call or e-mail your required coax cable length.

2 DockSide Radio does not control the design compromises frequently incorporated into non-standard components & products. Because the outcomes of using non-standard compromises are in many cases indeterminate, DockSide Radio is unable to provide no-charge technical support to self-customized SSB systems that violate generally accepted industry design practices and basic physics.  

3The M802 is FCC approved for sale in the US. The M802 is not CE approved, therefore, it should not be fitted to European, Australian, New Zealand, etc., flagged vessels. The lack of CE approval could cause incoming customs authorities to disallow entry of M802's exported from the US into these countries.



$2759.99  *

+Shipping & Insurance  




If you're planning on flush-mounting the control head, you need to add one $31.95 Flush-mount kit to your order.

If you're planning on flush-mounting both the control head and speaker, you'll need to add two flush-mount kits to your order.


$31.95* + shipping

Flush-mount Kit $31.95* + shipping


*7%sales tax will be added to sales within Florida.
**shipping, handling, & insurance charges are for domestic US shipping only. SSB radios are shipped only to addresses  containing a US postal zip code.  Modems & Modem Kits are shipped by Insured United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground within the Continental  US, and by insured Express Mail to APO's and Territories.  Cables and adaptors may be shipped by Priority Mail.

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