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Key Features of  Icom's Three SSB Radio Models

Icom gives you two SSB models from which to choose, the M802 & the M710. Both SSB models are well built quality products, can be connected to Pactor-III radio modems, and can be expected to provide years of reliable service. The table below is intended to help you answer the question: "...Which Icom SSB radio best meets my needs?...".

Feel free to give is a call to discuss these SSB radios, licensing requirements, Pactor modems, or to place an order.  

Icom SSB Radio Model Comparison

Key Differentiating Features*

Street Price

M802 Easy Mounting - Three-piece design for flexible installation:
Mount the light weight 1 1/4 pound easy to install remote control head and speaker in your bridge or nav station, and "stash" the heavy radio unit away in an unused locker or cubby hole.

Aesthetics - Icom M802 SSB & Icom's 504 & 604 VHF's look the same. They Match:

Icom brings aesthetics to your nav station or bridge with matching SSB and VHF design.

Maximum 150 Watts (W) PEP RF output on all frequencies.

User selectable 150W, 60W, 20W

State-of-the-art technology:

  • Digital Signal Processed (DSP) Speech Compression
  • Wide-band 0.5-29.999 MHz General Coverage Receiver.
  • Transmit on HAM** & Marine** SSB Frequencies (1.6 - 29.999 MHz - Includes 10M Ham Band).
  • Two tuning methods: Channel Selection or "Dial Tuning" .
  • DSC (Digital Signal Calling).
  • 1355 Channels (memory locations); 160 user programmable.
  • Easy "One-Touch" Receive/Transmit Programming.
    One entry programs both transmit & receive frequencies.
$1850 - 2200
M710 Proven Rugged and Tough
    • Seventeen+ pounds of tough, rugged, radio.
    • Die-cast aluminum chassis.
    • Large installed base  - 10+ years in production.

    Maximum 150 Watts (W) PEP RF output.

    • 150W, 60W, 20W selectable up to 25 MHz
    • 60W, 20W selectable 25-29.999MHz

    1136 Radio Channels (memory locations).

    • 160 user-programmable.
    • Wide-band 0.5-29.999 MHz General Coverage Receiver.
    • Transmit on HAM** & Marine** SSB Frequencies (1.6 - 27.500 MHz).

    Bright LCD Dial Display

    • Alphanumeric Channel Labels.

    $1540 - 1750
        * This comparison is based upon manufacturer specifications, and every effort has been made for it to be accurate at the time of writing; however, the manufacturer can change the product specifications at any time without notice to DockSide Radio, or  it's customers.
    **Proper Radio Licenses required - Call DockSide Radio to discuss Licensing Requirements


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