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About Pactor Modems
There are two models of Pactor III Radio Modems from which to choose; The SCS P4DR-7800 Dragon, and the PTC-III. Both modems plug directly into a computer's USB port, and with the proper terminal software, e.g., Airmail or SimplePro32, both modem models provide computerized frequency control of your radio.

                                     Current Products                                     

In a word, the P4DR-7xxx modems are f a s t...  With a maximum net throughput of 10,500 bps The P4DR-7800 and DR-7400 P4dragon modems sport twice the throughput speed of PTC-IIIusb. The P4DR-7xxx modems push data modulation techniques to the maximum possible while meeting governmental HF signal bandwidth requirements. Download the P4DR-7xxx datasheet here.

                                        Legacy Products                                       

A compact, cost-reduced version of the original PTC-IIusb modem, the PTC-IIIusb saves you $100 off the cost of the original PTC-IIusb with Pactor-III, but still provides the same 5200 bps net throughput. Designed with cruisers needs in mind, the PTC-IIIusb measures a diminutive 5" wide, 13/4" high, 51/2" deep, easily fitting into the limited space at your vessels nav station. The PTC-IIIusb connects directly to your computer's USB port, provides computer-controlled frequency selection when used with the Airmail program, and GPS data can easily be fed into the modem through a connector on the modem's back panel.

Designed with cruisers needs in mind, the PTC-IIusb offers a net throughput of 5200 bps (with an optional P-III license),  connects directly to a computer's USB port, and gives you computer-controlled frequency selection. GPS data can be fed into the modem through a connector on the back panel.

The PTC-IIPro design meets the needs of digitally-oriented high-tech Amateur Radio Operators. With the ability to add up to two 2330 Packet DSP modules the PTC-IIPro in effect becomes three modems in one box; an HF Pactor modem, and two VHF Packet modems.  With at least one 2330 installed and simultaneously connected to both a HF and VHF transceiver the PTC-IIPro can be used as a VHF Packet to HF Packet/Pactor Gateway station. It has a RS-232/serial computer interface (requires a third-party USB/Serial adaptor), and and provides computer-controlled frequency selection.

The PTC-IIex provides the same Pactor-II/III performance as the PTC-IIPro and PTC-IIusb. It has a RS-232/serial computer interface (requires a third-party USB/Serial adaptor), and is not capable of providing computer-controlled frequency selection.

Not pictured in the line-up are the older PTC, PTC-Plus, PTC-II (predecessor to the PTC-IIPro), and PTC-IIe (predecessor to the PTC-IIex).


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