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Simple e-mail, Weather FAX, and NAVTEX on your boat

Whether underway, at the dock, or anchored out, stay in touch with friends, relatives, and fellow cruisers by having DockSide Radio (DSR), bring e-mail onboard.  Add a Pactor-II/III/IV radio modem to your existing marine SSB system and begin sending & receiving e-mail from your boat:

* No more searching for a local Internet Cafe.
* No more hassling with unstable/intermittent WIFI connections.
* No more searching out a pay phone only to find it's not working.
* Add e-mail capability to your existing SSB radio system.

- Keep in touch with friends and family.
- Request weather charts & information on demand via SailMail or Winlink networks.
- Receive NAVTEX weather and marine hazard transmissions.
- Receive Weather FAX transmissions directly off-the-air.
- Order needed boat parts while at sea.
- Make/confirm slip reservations.
- Send & receive position reports while passage making.



Your e-mail

DockSide Radio is a stocking dealer for  the SCS Pactor  P4DR-7400 ($1629),  and the P4DR-7800 ($1999).  After reading the brief discussion below, send us an e-mail or call us at 941.661.4498 with your questions. If you want to purchase a Pactor modem,  go to the Order Pactor Modems page, look over the product offering, and then give us a call at 941.661.4498, or order over the Internet and pay by PayPal.
Pactor-IV (P4) - What is it and what does it do for me? One word--- d
SCS tells us that Pactor-4 technology is the absolute fastest a Pactor modem can go on the HF bands and still stay within the internationally mandated bandwidth. With totally new hardware and firmware designs, Pactor-4's  maximum throughput speed of 10,500 bps. is twice (2X) that of  Pactor-III. That means more free time for you to enjoy the cruising life style, and less drain on your ship's batteries.  Here's an actual on-the air throughput speed comparison between Pactor-III and Pactor-4 conducted on 23 November 2012 at 1423 EST (1923Z) between DockSide Radio (Punta Gorda, FL), and the Sailmail Coast Station at Rock Hill, SC.
# Messages to Download TTL Characters P-III Throughput as measured by Airmail P-4 Throughout as measured by Airmail P-4 speed increase
29 19,967 4022 Bytes per Minute 8698 Bytes per Minute 2.163
Why Buy from DockSide Radio - Three simple words...Support... Support ... Support.
Experience - DockSide Radio has current real-world cruising experience and knows what it's like to use today's radios while underway.
Training - DockSide Radio is trained in the art of training, and has real-world corporate-level training experience.
Expertise - DockSide Radio has over forty years radio and electronics experience, holds a FCC GRO license, and an Amateur Radio Extra Class License,
Expertise Sharing - Pactor Modem and SSB kits include a copy of  DSR's the Sailor's Quick-Start Guide to Sailmail / AirMail / Winlink 2000 and/or the Sailor's Quick-Start Guide to SSB installation and Operation.
Accessibility - Problems, questions? Dockside Radio expects you to call or e-mail us with questions.
Service - Same-day shipment and frequent follow-up until your system is running properly and you're  successfully sending/receiving e-mail.

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