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PTC-IIex Pactor-III Budget Bundle

Special Purchase
Availability Limited to Quantity On Hand

For $999* you can now enjoy the convenience and ease of use provided by computer control of your SSB and the speed and reliability of Pactor-III. The key to this offer is a special purchase of the Edgeport-2, a USB to dual Serial Adaptor. Simply connect one of the serial ports to your PTC-IIex and the other port to the RS-232 connector on your Icom M-700Pro/710 or M-802.

This special purchase gives you the same functionality as using the PTC-IIPro, for  $300 less.

The PTC-IIex Budget Bundle contains everything you need:


Pactor-III licensed PTC-IIex


Edgeport-2 USB to dual serial port adaptor


9090 Modem to Icom Interconnecting cable


Serial cables (modem to Edgeport; M-802/700/710 to Edgeport)


Six large type-31 snap-on FairRite RF chokes


*7% sales tax will be added to sales within Florida.
A $20 charge for shipping, handling, and insurance
will be added to all orders.

PTC-IIex Radio Modem

Two Serial Cables Modem/Edgeport Radio/Edgeport Edgeport-2 Radio/Modem Cable Six Snap-on FairRite Type-31 RF Chokes



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