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Remote Speaker
Headphone/earbud jack
$84.95 value

  FREE with your order of
$1995.00 or more.

Fall Special

Remote Speaker with headphone* jack.

DockSide Radio restores the earphone /  headphone connectivity to the Icom M803 with the customized SP-24-03 speaker with 3.5mm earphone  jack and  speaker / headphone switch.

*Headphone not included
Offer limited to quantity on hand


Simple, easy-to-use E-mail & Weather FAX on your boat using your marine SSB or Ham Radio,
& a Pactor-4 Modem.



(Previous Icom
Dealer of the Year)



Pactor 4 Modems
(Usually Ship Same Day)


DockSide Radio is committed to making sure your SSB and e-mail system is working properly, and that you understand how to setup and use your SSB & modem.



Icom M803




Color Display

Integrated GPS

 Class-E DSC


10-levels of  Noise Reduction + pulse noise blanker


* Price includes DockSide Radio's Customized Settings & Frequencies

This is important to you because:

Out-of-the-box M803 Default:

  • Speech compression is DISABLED.

  • From a cruising sailor's standpoint, many of the factory-loaded frequencies in the  User Channel Group are NOT USEFUL TO CRUISERS.

  • Only 124 of 160 User Group Channels contain station frequency date. 36 channels are empty

DSR's reprogrammed M803:

  • Speech Compression is ENABLED.

  • 154 User Group Channels are programmed with CRUISER-USEFUL station frequency data.

  • Configuration/Settings set to work properly with Pactor Modem.

 (By definition , making these changes  means we functionally check-out your radio before shipping).

Speech Compression enabled - Increases your  "talk power".  Makes your signal louder & clearer.

DSR's Customized User  Group  Database - Up-to-date  SSB & HAM frequencies & NETS .

Amateur/Ham & VFO Modes enabled - Tunes like a regular radio.



Enabling the Icom M803 Amateur  Mode*

* Amateur Radio General Class license or higher required for transmitting on Ham Bands.

1 - Turn OFF Radio
2 -
Simultaneously press and hold the 2, RX/TX, and MENU buttons, while powering ON  the M803
3 - Continue depressing the
2, RX/TX, and MENU  buttons until the radio show's its normal operating screen
4 -
When  complete, AMATEUR will appear on the upper left portion of the M803's display

Before Enabling

After Enabling



Battery Voltage Booster

Ensure your M803, M802, Ham Radio, or other downstream electronics, get the required
13.8 VDC to function properly.

Mounts next to your SSB main unit. The Battery Voltage Booster compensates for both the normal voltage drop  throughout your battery's discharge cycle, and wiring losses.

Battery Voltage Booster


Key Downloads

Pactor-4 DR-7800
*Modem only
Radio-specific cables & genuine Type-31 FairRite ferrites available separately, or in kits.

Pactor-4 e-mail Weather Fax Modem

Physical drop-in replacement for PTC-IIusb or PTC-IIPro.  Switching to the P4 Dragon 7800 shouldn't require any woodworking modification to your teak. Simply remove the old modem and drop in the DR7800....and yes, it uses the same/existing cables used by the PTC-IIusb and PTC-IIPro.

Click here for Product Datasheet

6/01/18 Current Firmware:
P4 2.30.97
P-III 4.1r

Pactor Modem Firmware Update
(always free)

Bring your older modem current:

Click here. Download/install SCS-Firmware Update utility.

Note: Internet connection required. Run update BEFORE leaving the dock.

Pactor-4 Dragon &
 PTC-III / IIusb Modem Driver Installer

  1. With the modem disconnected from your computer, click here to go the SCS  downloads page.

  2. Download SCS USB Driver Installer

  3. Double-click on the installer to RUN the driver installation.

  4. Connect the modem to your computer.

  5. Power the modem ON. Windows plug-n-play will connect the modem to the driver.

DSR's Custom
Channel Guide/Listings

Page - 1 & 2

____ . ____

(Effective 12-2013)
Page-1 - Page-2

____ . ____

(Model Discontinued 11-2013)
Page-1 - Page-2

Click here to download Airmail v3.5.054


This release contains changes/updates important to you, including:

  1. Updated GRIB Viewer (ViewFAX).

  2. Updated list of SM station frequencies.

  3. Updated SM Server IP addresses

  4. "Dedicated Route" function for blocking unwanted incoming messages.

Be sure to read Jim's release notes after installing


Pactor-4 DR-7400

*Modem only
Radio-specific cables & genuine Type-31 FairRite ferrites available separately, or in kits.

Pactor-4 DR-7400 Modem

Click here for Product Datasheet

DR-7400 Benefits  vs DR-7800

$351 less than DT-7800
50+% smaller footprint: 5"w x 13/
4"H x 51/2"D
quality: same great P4 reliability & performance

*Modem only
 Radio-specific cables & FairRites available separately, or in kits.

Read what our customers say about DockSide Radio's kits and service



FCC Radio Licenses
MMSI Number Management

 24-48 hour turnaround of FCC Marine & Aeronautical Radio License applications.

Internationally recognized MMSI Number for AIS transponder

Free-up your time by having DockSide Radio electronically file for your aeronautical/marine radio licenses.

Click here for more info and one-page License Worksheet.

- The Sailors' Quick-Start Guide -
 SailMail, AirMail, & Winlink

 Airmail Ver 3.5..xxx
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, windows 7 - Windows Vista
 Windows XP, Windows 2000
32  & 64-bit versions

Available in Europe from the creators of Pactor:


SCS Spezielle Communications Systeme GmbH & Co. KGRoentgenstr. 36
D-63454 Hanau, GERMANY
e-Mail: martin.clas@scs-ptc.com


If you're new to Sailmail, this is the guide for you. Since it's first publishing in 2002, The Sailors Quick-Start Guide to Sailmail/Airmail/Winlink2000 is the only  guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of downloading, installing, and configuring Airmail. Loaded with actual computer screen images, the Quick-Start Guide quickly  gets you sending/receiving e-mail, and receiving WeatherFAX.

To learn more look at the Table of Contents by clicking here.

Covers Airmail Versions 3.5xx - 3.4.xx
for 32 & 64-bit
 Windows 11, 10 - 8/8.1 - 7 - Vista - XP - 2000

Airmail Sailmail Instruction Manual

$25.95* + $4.75
US/ Postage Only

Also available from:  DownWind Marine

 European customers can order their copy online from SCS - (the Pactor modem manufacturer), in Germany.

  New for 2021

- The Sailors' Quick-Start Guide -
 SSB Installation & Operation
 Eighth Edition

Includes M803 Amateur and VFO Modes

Learn in non-technical terms how to install & operate your Icom M803, M802, M710, M700Pro single sideband radio.

 If you're new to SSB Radio, if you're doing your own installation, if you want to understand your SSB system, the $19.95 Quick-Start Guide to SSB Installation and Operation is for you.

No fluff - Just Useful Stuff

Practical, understandable, actionable, information based on professional training, education, and experience.
To learn more take a look at the Table of Contents by clicking here.

Icom SSB Radio Installation & Operation


$19.95* + $4.75
US Postage

Also available from:  DownWind Marine



 Warranty & Returns Policy  


Cruising Radio Nets:
Click here for the latest listing of cruising net times & frequencies.
Weather FAX:
Click here to download the latest Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, & Pacific WeatherFAX maps.
SSB Simplex Channels & Frequencies:
Click here for a complete list of marine SSB simplex channels and frequencies.


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